Curriculum Vitae


Brigham Young University; Provo, Utah: 2009 – 2013. GPA 3.56.


Management Experience
  • Produce Buyer, Pomegranate Market; Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 2015 – 2017
    Created and maintained relationships with local farmers and food distributors; maintained relationships with customers; made orders of various produce at competitive prices; set pricing of purchased goods to maintain department profit margins; designed promotions and sales to attract customers while maintaining department profit margins; resolved customer concerns; and unloaded pallets of packaged produce, all while maintaining a "backstock" of key items. Named “the face of the store” by upper management who have realized my acute, natural customer service skills.

  • Cleaning Division Manager, Dust-tex Service; Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 2014 – 2015
    Helped establish the company’s new janitorial clientele through internal marketing efforts; measured potential facility dimensions, and made calculations therefrom, to provide bids to prospective clients; and performed janitorial labor.

  • Financial Representative/Intern, Northwestern Mutual; Provo, Utah: 2013 – 2014
    Top intern based on weekly production goals at the Provo office during the Fall 2013 semester. 
Northwestern Mutual's internship program is rated as one of the top ten undergrad internships nationwide. Later as a full-time Financial Representative I built a client base through personal sales contacts; managed efficiency within a self-determined schedule; developed and delivered personalized presentations for clients; interviewed clients and prospective clients to determine best products to advance their financial goals; and attended continuing education courses. Employment was contingent on passing the federally regulated life/health insurance exam.

Clerical Experience
  • Accounts Payable Assistant, Sioux Falls Tower; Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 2017 – 2018
    Processed company-wide credit card transactions, including the use of Excel and other accounting software (ComputerEase) to manage data, all while looking for indications of fraud or spending abuse; answer incoming business inquiries by phone and email; process invoices and handled vendor relations/communications, including the obtaining of tax and insurance information from vendors; and manage mail and shipping for the office.

  • Chinese Content BuilderMiddlebury Interactive; Provo, Utah: 2013
    Ensured the proper content and functionality of beginning, intermediate, and advanced online Mandarin Chinese courses during the company’s peak clientele building period. By quickly learning to use proprietary software, I was able to build customized content to be used remotely by schools across the nation.

Instructional Experience
  • ESL Intern Instructor, BYU English Language Center; Provo, Utah: 2012, 2013
    Taught the Foundations Prep class and proctored tests to students of varying nationalities. Prepared lessons and activities with resources supplied by the English Language Center in conjunction with personally-crafted activities.

  • ESL Instructor, The Center for High School Global Alliances (CHSA); American Fork, Utah: 2012
    Taught English class to Chinese students on an exchange program as part of an intensive English immersion experience. Each class was approximately 3 hours in length, during which time improvisation was mandated to supplement the lesson plans provided by CHSA.

Technical Experience
  • Cheese Maker / Bulk Milk Receiving Operator, Open Gates Group; Kalona, Iowa: 2018 – Present
    Helped develop, execute, and am improving the cheddar cheese curd product at the historic Kalona Creamery. As lead cheese maker, the quality of the end product of each production cycle is directly under my supervision, which process is a blend of science and art. Oversaw the logistics of and personally executed the reception of bulk raw milk at an advanced receiving facility.

  • Drone Pilot, Prairie Aerial; Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 2015 – 2016
    Piloted drones by means of onboard wireless camera systems for commercial purposes; maintained social media; built and maintained website; and took directions from production directors and directors of photography in commercial shoots. My most famous work has over 10,000,000 hits on Youtube and was winner of the of the Best Directing category, SEDIFF 2016 (Seoul, Korea drone film festival), and an official selection at the NYDFF 2016 (New York Drone Film Festival). Viewable here on Youtube. 

  • Media Technician, Brigham Young University Office of Information Technologies; Provo, Utah: 2011 – 2013
    Serviced and repaired various electronic systems throughout the university campus; worked with and led technician groups in a team-oriented, time-sensitive environment; learned how to troubleshoot and repair a number of media systems, including through the use of specialized tools, soldering, etc.; and gained warehouse and inventory familiarity for construction projects. I helped upgrade the LaVell Edwards stadium to suit ESPN’s HD video feed requirements.  

  • Apple Campus Rep, Volt Technical Resources; Provo, Utah: 2010
    Worked in an exclusive team of three campus representatives to organize and conduct several training events and helped execute one of the largest student film competitions on campus that year. I was responsible for teaching students and faculty how to get the most from their computer purchases, which purchases I also guided by matching personality traits with hardware needs.

Volunteer Experience
  • Ward Clerk, LDS Church; Sioux Falls, SD; 2014 – 2018
    Managed membership and financial records for local church congregation of 250 members as a lay leader. Responsible for creating, merging, moving, etc., the records of individuals and families, handling sensitive private information according to prescribed policies and practices. Generated reports for other leaders and compiled statistical information. Handled weekly donations in a sacred, confidential manner.
  • Volunteer Representative, LDS Church; Kaohsiung, Taiwan: 2007 – 2009
    Served as the Mission Recorder, responsible for collecting reports and assembling presentations for the Mission President. Interacted with native Mandarin Chinese speakers in daily living and proselytizing efforts for a period of two years. I discovered and streamlined reporting gaps in a system designed to track the activity of 120+ missionaries.
 I oversaw the growth of a neglected region of the mission from 1 progressing investigator to 12-15 at an unprecedented, record-setting speed.



Available upon request.